Hello world.

This blog exist with the idea of sharing our adventures in Australia (New South Wales) and to provide the opportunity for people to join us in our outdoor activities and adventures. Hopefully, we will be able to set up an interest group community.

And to start this off, look out for the next few posts on a few of my past adventures I’ve had with my fellow comrades.

At this point, you might be thinking about how you could join us in our activities and adventure? Firstly, ask yourself this: Are you interested in being in the great outdoors and not afraid of being out of your comfort zone. If your answer is yes, we are happy to set out on an adventure with you.

Just bring along your sense of adventure and an extra ounce of positivity, you’ll be set to have a good time with us. Drop us a note here so that we can keep you in the loop of upcoming activities.



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