Cowan via Berowra Waters(Great North Walk)

It drizzled.

And it rained.

Then it drizzled.

The walk started at the very convenient location, Berowra station. Packs off, rain coats and ponchos on, we walked on and descended to the bottom of the hill next to the riverbank and right next to the Berowra Waters ferry crossing.

Ascending another hour took us up the hill once more, overlooking Berowra Creek, where we settled for the night.

Can’t get any gloomier

I took off to collect firewood and it wasn’t easy with all the precipitation. Most of everything I found was either wet or drenched. We eventually managed to find a few larger fallen trees, cut into them and manage to harvest some dry pieces which were capable of embracing a spark. Of course, the spark grew up and ate it.

It continued raining.

Day 2 was a little more pleasant. Quite an eventful day too!

Away with the rain, a calm and peaceful morning

After packing up, we set off to complete the remaining 50% of our journey. We naturally didn’t get up to a super energetic morning with all that rain. Mozzies haunted us throughout the night as well. However, a wet spring brings its own wonders, turning the not-so-interesting Kuringai National Park into a mini-rainforest.

Some stalactite-looking formation, probably formed by the constant dripping water. Would anyone like to enlighten us?

More steps, more slippery steps. Flanked by tropical vegetation!

Fortunately, the rain cleared up. Hiking with a raincoat feels like cling wrap slimming.

We moved on to rockier terrain, the next picture shows our mystery man and YL navigating through some rocky terrain.

Walking on an eroded path

Our patriot with her “I ❤ SG” tee making her way up between some boulders

Trouble strikes! Approximately 4km to our endpoint at Cowan, we must have taken a wrong turn and got lost. The temperature picked up to at least 24 degrees, that’s pretty hot considering that there were lots of climbs involved and the humidity felt like that of Singapore.

We came across a number of intersections with no signage, kept walked, consulted our maps and compasses to no avail(there were no prominent landmarks to guide us). We came by a few more intersections and discovered our own trail going in the opposite direction. Our mystery man got frustrated at this point.

*Never, and I mean NEVER, ever, lose your composure when trouble strikes! Keep calm and lay out your options, consider the pros and cons and then make a decision on the next course of action.

To make matters worse, the packlist was not strictly enforced and we were left with less than 20% of our daily food/water rations.

We must have been lost for about 1.5 hours before we stumbled upon the godly GNW sign with an arrow indicating the direction to take for the trail we were on. Relieved, a couple of hours and we were headed home from Cowan station.

A small waterfall we came across on route to getting lost

The sun after the rain

Adventure Rating: 3 + 1(because we got lost and had to figure our way out!)


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