OP: Chicken Wing

A hungry man is an angry man.

OP: Chicken Wing was pretty well planned and that included ensuring that the above statement is taken into consideration.

It’s the first time the 4 of us came together for a hike. The day started with breakfast at the Bakehouse on Wentworth, Blackheathe. As the name suggests, they’re famous for their pastry. I thought the pie I had was alright.

Hearty breakkie at Blackheathe

Bleackheathe is further west from Katoomba. We drove back eastbound and arrived at Scenic Railway, Katoomba.

JW parked the good old A3 and we’re off to our next adventure. After 200m of descend, we progressed over pretty flat and mildly undulating ground untill we hit the rocky terrain. There were boulders and cracks to navigate through, travel speed over such terrain was around 1-2km per hour.

Trusty walking stick assisted Nath in getting down larger steps and boulders

Taking a break at “Coconut Kueh Point” which overlooks the valley

Funny name I know! Coconut Kueh Point – We came across a dad and his kids at this random rest point. After the usual greetings and a short conversation, he came right over and offered us this home-made sugary dessert, which looked and tasted almost identical to Gula Meleka Kuehs. Brown rectangular plastercine-like objects dusted with dessicated coconut.

We bid farewell, hiked for another 4km before reaching the base of our objective, Ruined Castle.

JW fuelling up before the 600m climb

It was just a few weeks from winter and the days were significantly shorter. We were quite pressed for time and hurried over the first leg of our journey. Fortunately, we were ahead of time! We didn’t rush to complete the climb and even had the luxury to chill at the peak and let our climber off his leash.

The views at the peak was amazing. Pictures do no justice. Imagine being right at the peak, your view is obstructed by NOTHING. 360 degrees. The true meaning of panoramic view, in true HD(eyesight dependent of course).

True panorama

View en route to the top

This is home, truly

A happy commando, Johnnie

It must be around 1500hrs by then, and it was high time to set up camp. There were plenty of dry, fallen trees in the area which made collecting firewood a breeze this time round. Air was dry, I don’t think the area seen any rain in a while and fires started as soon as the match hit the tinder.

Our campsite!

JW giving it a go

Neatly arranged fuel

All that chopping was hard work. The larger pieces aren’t easy to get through, it takes lots of chipping before they can be snapped off. All that invested energy provided the very necessary creature comfort with that spirit draining 6 degrees night.

And in return, our reward for the night as suggested by the name of this hike. ONE CHICKEN WING each. Ouch.

Cook with heat from the amber, NOT flame!

King of the mountain

Amazing weather, great workout, and in good company. This gives this hike a rating of:

Adventure Rating: 6


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