Destination: Koh Phi Phi

Finally, the long-awaited post!

I’ve got to confess, I did absolutely no climbing at this rock climbing paradise. Back then, I simply had no interest or even knew what rock climbing was really about.

Mat and I flew in by Tiger Airways via Singapore. Upon landing at Krabi Airport, we caught a taxi  to the ferry terminal which is about 40 minutes away. (Note: I will list the approx. cost at the end of this post) If my memory doesn’t fail me, we spent another hour and a half on the ferry which took us from Ao Nang to Phi Phi island. Reason for the rather lengthy trip was because we made multiple stops and even had a pirate style boarding by some more passengers.

Ferry from Ao Nang

Pirate style boarding

Upon arrival, you’ll be charged a “cleaning up fee” by some Thai mafia at the docks. Okay they’re not scary people or whatever, just some random looking people manning some post at the jetty collecting like 20B for entry to the island.

Thirsty and famished, we quickly checked in to our first accommodation, Phi Phi Banyan Villa. Pretty decent place! Large room, seems clean and air-conditioned(Sorry, no pictures at this point). Yes I know that doesn’t sound much like an adventure at all. Keep reading, you’ll see the rough part soon.

We spent a day kayaking, exploring the south side of the island.

Right in the middle of nowhere

Halfway out, we spotted this secluded looking beach. First thought, check it out! So we attempted a beach landing. Kayaking is definitely the way to go if you wish to explore the island’s many beaches. Boat tours are just lame.

Beach landing?

View from the beach

We spent at least 2 hours there, snacking on pringles and attempting to harvest coconuts which failed quite miserably. Ended up getting eaten alive by mozzies. After that feeding frenzy, we headed back, pretty sunburnt and exhausted by then. Peddling in open waters is hard work.

Go figure our exact location

Rest point on the way back. Another beach…

Totally shagged out and sunburnt, we retired for the evening.

So we stayed at the main pier area for two nights, explored the island a bit, and took a long-boat to our next accommodation.

To the east of the island, we arrive at Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort. Cheesy names, but hey, it’s Thailand.

The huts at Phi Phi Relax

This place is pretty damn cool! It gives a rather community-like feeling, it has one “restaurant”, which doubles as the reception, mini-mart, bar, office. You have to have your meals there, and pretty much everyone on the property gathers there at meal times. This property is accessible by boat only. Also, electricity runs from 6pm to 6am! NO HOT SHOWERS!

View from our hut

So what is there to do at a location like this? Hey, we spent 3 nights here. What the typical tourist would do, laze on the beach, read a book, laze on the beach, read the same book, swim for a bit, eat, sleep.

We did laze around for a bit, and took a long-boat to the main pier for dinner one evening. But we also brought these items along with us.

Our supplies for 3 nights

Water was provided, we brought more water, penknife, fishing line, hooks, sinkers, a packet of rambutans and KRATINGDAENG(Redbull)!

Of course, we did a little more kayaking while we were there. Attempted to fish on the kayak, failed, ended up wading out 30m from the beach with the water up to our chest and started fishing. Now.. What the hell is that pole for…

Uni sashimi!

And of course, our fishing skills, with little crabs we caught for bait on the beach yielded these:

I know they’re a little undersized

I know you wouldn’t normally eat a parrot fish. Well, a few sea urchins each and parrot fish + grouper makes good entrée.

Our rather primal way of feeding at a resort

After a good five nights, it was then time to head back to Ao Nang, Krabi. Seriously, don’t waste your time at Ao Nang. When people talk Krabi, that’s about the only place they head to. What’s there? A little town, a starbucks, expensive seafood, pretty much like an undeveloped little bangkok. If you get to Krabi, head out for the islands!

Tourisy Ao Nang beach

We spent a night at this run down hotel called J Mansion which is really awful, dirty, nothing works, and simply pathetic in order to make our flight the next morning.

Now, for the cost breakdown. All values are in AUD.

Return flights to KBV: $150
Accommodation 1: $145 (2 nights)
Accommodation 2: $125 (3 nights)
Accommodation 3: $24 (1 night)
Ferry from mainland to PP return: $35
Longboat fees : +-$4 per trip

Adventure Rating: 9


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