[Upcoming Walk: 13 Oct 12] Wentworth Falls

Organised by a fellow walker Felicia Ngiam, this walk starts at Katoomba, taking us down to the infamous Wentworth Falls. This would be a very scenic short walk. However, moderate fitness is required as you’ll be expecting a rather long climb up a continuous flight of steps!

We will have lunch/coffee break at The Common Ground cafe. This magically awesome little place makes you feel like you’re in middle earth, The Shire in particular! Check out their website.

Please drop a comment, FB message or make contact via our email address ismelladventure@hotmail.com
to indicate interest and to confirm your attendance.

RV Location: Katoomba Station (RV?)
RV Time: 0930HRS (RV?)
Fitness Level: 4

Things to note/bring:
– Comfy walking shoes
– Snacks (you will find the urge to eat, the walk would take a few hours)
– At least 500ml water
– Some cash for hobbit coffee!


2 thoughts on “[Upcoming Walk: 13 Oct 12] Wentworth Falls

    • Hey Barry, it was magnificent!
      We went clockwise, headed towards Wentworth falls before flanking back up towards Vera falls(which we didn’t explore due to the time)

      Not the least bit challenging, but it certainly was a good walk to seed the interest in a few friends.
      And I’ve got to say, it’s certainly a walk with a pretty high VIEWS:EFFORT ratio!

      Love your blog! I’ll be reading the rest of your articles this evening.
      How did tough mudder go?

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