Cycling: Stanwell Park to Wollongong via Sea Cliff Bridge

Here goes! Short report of our pretty awesome ride from Stanwell Park to Wollongong.

Sunny day with approximately 40% cloud cover. Sun screen was a must since none of us wore any sleeves to protect ourselves against the UV rays with a HIGH index that day.

The ride started where we parked, at the bottom of Stanwell Park. Sea Cliff Bridge is just a short distance from the start point.

At the end of the rather short Sea Cliff Bridge

Fast forward 28kms later, we were at coast of Wollongong, rode along the coast for a bit, and headed for a coffee. No pictures en route to Wollongong, more on the return trip.

The Campos coffee hasn’t failed to make an impression

After that pleasant strong cappuccino and a muesli bar, it was time to roll again. We took it slow on the way back and the few detours proved rewarding.

At the coast, flanked by a row of holiday homes

Looking south towards Wollongong

The cool looking one at the end of the lane

Feel free to caption this

Just realised that I stopped to snap a picture at a no stopping zone

Admiring the view from the $52m bridge

Nick feeling victorious after the 9%+ climb

There would be a Cat 5 climb involved at the end, and the route is undulating most of the way.

Fret not, because seriously, as calculated by, the maximum elevation is 95m and max elevation gain is 327m.

This ride would be suitable for most road cyclist, just take it easy, it’s scenic for about 50% of the ride and the route is mildly undulating along the whole length. The short climb at the end also provides the hardcore rider a brief workout.

To view the route, click here

Adventure Rating: 4


5 thoughts on “Cycling: Stanwell Park to Wollongong via Sea Cliff Bridge

  1. Very pretty. Especially appealing was that cup of coffee with the nice design hehe =P
    I have to admit I’m afraid of riding bicycles, so I’ll just pedal vicariously through you.

    Btw, please don’t forget to leave a description of your blog on my new page dedicated to my readers!

    Would like for ppl to know what your blog is about so they can visit if interested! Thx πŸ™‚

    • Campos coffess are great! You’ve got to try some if you drop by Australia some day. – it’s better than how it looks! πŸ˜‰

      I picked this up somewhere, “when was the last time you did something for the first time?”, maybe it’s time for you to give cycling a chance!

      Have just left a link and short description. Thanks Jacnice

      • I visited Australia once, a long time ago, but definitely didn’t get to have one of those =P

        Mmm …. I’ve tried several times. I just don’t have the will to try again :S

      • It might not have existed back then..

        Think travel. Think sight seeing. Think about the areas you could cover on a bike. Now, think perspective. It definitely offers a different perspective when you’re out there, with nothing but just the road and you πŸ˜‰

        I’ll be posting up more rides in the near future. They should illustrate what I mean!

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