Bamboo Bow


 The longbow.

The Chinese used them, the Japanese used them, and perhaps, the English perfected them.

This project started as a random stay in weekend idea. It’s so simple; it doesn’t even take a day to complete!

That’s about all the materials that you’ll need

Start by splitting a piece of bamboo. In this case, I split the top and bottom half of the limbs and left the middle portion as a handle.

View of one of the limbs

Once done, continue by tapering the limbs so that the tips are about half the size of the initial width. The same applies for the thickness; thickest at the middle, thinnest at the ends.

When you’re happy with the results, proceed to construct the nocks.

I simply cut out two slits, filed them, and applied some epoxy to smoothen the edges and prevent damage to the bow string.

Epoxy and files are all you need

The nock

At this stage, your bow should already shape up quite nicely. It’s time to do the tillering! Start by stringing the bow with simply any string which does not stretch.

So what you see below is a piece of pine which was probably once used for fencing. Install screws along the length of it so you can hold the string. The objective of tillering is so that you can fine tune how the bow bends, trimming more material off your bow to give it a nice curve and to prevent it from snapping.

Tillering *note, the tiles were used for referencing the curves.

End product


Yes that’s right! It cracked! Haha. Knew this was going to happen before I even started. The piece of bamboo is simply not broad enough. You definitely need a flat piece of timber to make a proper bow. And always be patient in the tillering stage!

Nevertheless, it maked a good weekend project. This bow never fired a single arrow. It has never even been stringed.


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