Wentworth Falls

Let me start with breakfast.

How would you define a perfect breakfast?

I will describe our experience. We have to give credits to Leura Fresh which was recommended by JW.

The day started with 4 different mains off the menu. Ricotta hotcakes with butterscotch sauce, fresh breakfast, hollandaise eggs with smoked salmon and banana bread. The stars go to the fresh breakfast and hollandaise eggs.

The fresh breakfast consisted of eggs of your choice, bacon, very nicely roasted tomato and pesto mushrooms(5*), a hash brown made from potato shavings(4.5*), sough dough or pide.

The hollandaise eggs served on top of smoked salmon, pretty common dish I know. But the hollandaise sauce is the bomb. Nuf’ said. Needless to say, the eggs were properly poached.

Find their menu here.

Sorry, no pictures available due to my lack of Asian Food Documentation culture.

The walk started right at the car park of the National Pass entrance.

Before long, we’re amongst the trees, greeted by a gentle decline.

Entrance of National Pass

Back to the bush!

The first lookout we came across was Lyrebird Lookout. Not amazingly amazing, but it was the first lookout we came across and we naturally stopped for a view.

Lyrebird Lookout

Lyrebird Lookout

As we proceeded, the prior day’s rain became more evident, and poor Randy got his shoes and WHITE PANTS all dirty! Bad choice! Heh heh

Oh and guess what… Another lookout!

White pants Randy doesn’t like the wet ground

Lookout 2

As we descended, the ground got wetter, and this should be the norm all year round. Check out the next picture and see how different the vegetation is as we went lower.

Getting tropical

Infant waterfall

We did a clockwise loop; this trail actually took us back up to the top.

Jamison Lookout

There are toilets, bbq facilities and a car park at Jamison Lookout. A little too tourisy for us, we quickly left and continued down the valley. A short hike from Jamison and we arrived at the infamous Queen’s Cascades.

Queen’s Cascades

Back view of Queen’s Cascades

Over-rated I’d say. It’s beautiful yes, but it’s so built up, you get nicely crafted stepping stones and a railing(not shown in picture) which separates the cascades and what is shown in the back view(picture above).

We left after a few pictures. Now this is when Wentworth starts.

Stairs after Queen’s Cascades

Same stairs in 1912

First view of Wentworth Falls

More stairs!

Right at the bottom of those stairs, lies what you’ve been waiting for.

Wentworth Falls! Enjoy the next few pictures.

Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls

Heading away from the falls

Facing south

Resembles Avatar doesn’t it

More falls

The rest of the walk continued along the perimeter of the cliffs. The terrain got rockier but remained very manageable even with runners.

Rockier terrain

JW would love this

Another hour or so, we arrived at our end point, which was also the start point as the walk is actually a loop.

A popular spot for canyoners

Caption this!

Not bad for a day walk! For the amount of walking you do, I’ve got to say it gives a really good Views:Effort ratio. No wonder it’s famous. It would be the perfect walk for families and also the beginner hiker. This route might serve as a good promotional hike if you intend to get a few friends hooked onto hiking!

View the gallery below for more pictures!

This trip gets an adventure rating of:

Adventure Rating: 4

Gallery: (enlarge pictures at bottom right of gallery window)


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