[Upcoming Hike: 17/18 Nov 12] Coastal Rendezvous

With a fair bit of Katoomba covered, it is high time to change the setting.

The location of our next hike is classified! However, you may be keen to know that this will be a 100% coastal hike. The start point is a short distance off Sydney. We will kickstart the day with breakfast, followed by a channel crossing by ferry, then forge ahead on foot towards the campsite.

This is your chance to sleep with the gulls, watch the sun rise in true panorama as you wake and perhaps feast on a fresh catch if you are lucky!

This hike is suitable for beginners.

Interested adventurers, please contact us via the comment box below, FB message or email us at ismelladventure@hotmail.com to indicate interest and also to confirm your attendance.

RV Location: TBA(train station/carpool details released upon attendance confirmation) (RV?)
RV Time: 0800HRS on site(or TBA if carpool) (RV?)
Fitness Level: 3

Things to note/bring:
– Detailed pack list will be sent upon confirmation of attendance
– You must have the following essential items:
.sleeping bag
.sleeping mat/yoga mat
.a decent windbreaker or jacket(fleeced is preferable)
.flashlight & batteries
.a medium(35l) – large(60l) pack to carry all your gear


4 thoughts on “[Upcoming Hike: 17/18 Nov 12] Coastal Rendezvous

  1. Enjoy, and I think you asked me a questin the other day on bike rides in Sydney…can’t fully recall…But what about West-head always a good ride from Akuna Bay. Good luck with the walk.

    • Thanks! Will be a different experience.

      Ah west head. Believe it or not, last two times we organised rides to west head, first time got cancelled due to wet weather. Second time due to back burning!

      Anything exciting planned for this weekend?

      • Up to camp at Turon Gates, just past Capertee. Probably have a hike around the property, and then a snooze! Back to climb/abseil around Katoomba the last tow weekends in November…I’d like to try and catch up on one of your walks!

      • More climbing! You’d be thrilled to meet JW. Check out his latest post. He’s one hell of a climber too.

        I’m looking forward to a short trip on the Six Foot Track, perhaps you could even lead us on that one 😉

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