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Welcome to the ismelladventure blog, a site dedicated to just about anything and everything adventure related.

Whether you’re into rock climbing, bush walking, hiking, road cycling, AR-15s, pistols or shooting rubber bands, as long as you share our passion for adventure and you’re interested in being a part of our adventures, then the ismelladventure blog is your authoritative news source.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on how you can be part of the next adventure.

Eugene C


Eugene C

The adventure beggar, loves trying just about anything and everything. Happy on dry land, a
non-swimmer 😉 Road cyclist, firearms enthusiast and loves luxury camping, with a twist.

May Ho

Adventure is out there!Professional adventure seeker pursuing her dream of teaching yoga and becoming a screenwriter.

J W Ong

In perpetual pursuit of my passion for rock-climbing. Greatest sin being chocoholism, but my display name is on the verge of becoming coffeechocsncrags. I climbed before I walked.