fitness levels
0 – You oogle at macarons and brownies and are too lazy to walk across the street to buy them
1 – You complain about your walk to work from the nearest train station
2 – You say YES! To walking from Townhall to Wynyard instead of catching the free bus
3 – You try running across the harbourbridge and end up walking
4 – Running across the harbour bridge and back is tough but doable
5 – You can plank for 30 seconds, you demoralise heavier people while running
6 – You like sports/physical activities and actually do them on a bi-weekly basis
7 – You do not stop in City2Surf and pretty much overtake every single person in the yellow group till you finish
8 – You’re a triathlete
9 – You’re an Ironman or completed Tough Mudder
10 – You’ve got Zeus’s thighs, Hulk’s torso and the stamina of of a migrating bird

RV – Rendezvous
SP – Start Point
EP – End Point
MP – Mid Point
ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival
TBA – To Be Advised
TBC – To Be Confirmed